About Jane…

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2000 with Premier Global Training and have been working and competing in the fitness industry ever since, with a wide range of clients of all ages and abilities. I have a competitive history for toned figure / physique competitions where I have reached British professional and world champion status.

I’ve travelled a long journey to change my physique and, with the knowledge of training and nutrition I’ve gained and used to shape my own body, I can help you lose weight, tone-up, feel fitter, build your self esteem and become the weight you want to be.

My Competition History

Latest Titles
2016 UKDFBA UK & International Championships
– 3rd Professional Women’s Bodybuilding class
2016 WBBF Southern OVER 40s Trained Figure 2nd
2015 UKDFBA UK & International Championships
– 3rd Professional Women’s Bodybuilding class
2015 UKBFF Miss Body Fitness OVER 35 Yrs 2nd
2015 NABBA Miss Athletic Figure West of Britain 1st
2015 NABBA Athletic Figure British 5th

2010 NABBA MR & Miss England Trained Figure 3rd
2010 BNBFF British Finals Physique 1st
2010 OCB Washington, USA Pro Lightweight Physique 5th

2007 BNBF Physique Southern 1st
2007 BNBF British Finals Physique 1st (Pro Status gained)
2007 INBA World Championships -Greece Physique 1st
2007 NPA Southern Physique 1st
2007 NPA British Finals 2nd
2007 UKBFF Welsh Championships 1st
2007 UKBFF British Finals 5th

2005 NABBA Mr & Miss England 2nd
2005 NABBA Universe (unplaced)
2005 NPA West Trained Physique 2nd

1999 ANB West of Britain Toned Figure 1st

1998 ANB West of Britain Toned figure 1st
1998 Celtic City Classic Trained Figure 1st

1997 NABBA West of Britian Toned Figure 1st
1997 NABBA British Finals (unplaced)
1997 Sidmouth Classic Toned figure 1st
1997 ANB West Britain Toned Figure 1st
1997 ANB Miss Best of Show
1997 ANB British Finals Toned Figure 3rd
1997 EPF Trained Figure 3rd

1996 NABBA West of Britain trained figure 2nd
1996 NABBA British Finals unplaced
1996 Sidmouth Classic Toned Figure 1st