When I first came to Jane for Personal Training I had very high blood pressure, was overweight and was lacking in motivation. With Jane’s help I turned all that around. Whilst training with her I lost a considerable amount of weight found my blood pressure lowering as a result and felt more energised than I had done in years! I wouldn’t have stuck to the gym sessions independently and found that the one to one sessions with Jane were a must for me to keep me motivated and on the right track, which believe me I need!
Paul Griffiths – Ashcott
Jane is a warm and vibrant person, enthusiastic and committed to helping you to achieve your full potential. She has a gift for motivating you to do more than you think you can but is careful to monitor your exercise and to tailor a programme to suit your particular needs and problems. In my case it was a weak back. Gradually this was strengthened and the pain I had suffered for years was greatly reduced. Not only did Jane inspire and motivate me to become fitter, healthier and more supple but made sure I had fun doing it.
Janet Westover, Meare
Seeing the success my wife had achieved with Jane, I decided to see her. I have low blood pressure and every time I did hard exercise, I fainted. Gradually Jane improved my cardio vascular system through a specially designed personal programme. Since training with Jane I have been able to increase my stamina and fitness levels sufficiently to run marathons. We can’t recommend her highly enough.
Colin Westover
I am writing to thank you for your patience, perseverance and kind advice during the time you have worked with me as my personal trainer. Although, when we started, I was over forty, less than fit and carried more weight than I would have liked you listened to what I wanted to achieve, designed a manageable programme and provided kind yet firm motivation which saw my weight drop by the desired amount (the main goal) and a significant improvement in my fitness. You helped me to achieve something I had thought I would find impossible and made a very positive contribution to my life.
Mark Ashmore – Ashcott
Thank you, Jane, for your excellent supervision, expertise and awe inspiring motivation during the time you have been helping me with my fitness programme. I’ve really enjoyed the challenging programme you put together and the extra motivation the one on one sessions provided have been invaluable. I’m delighted with the results. I only wish I’d started earlier.
Peggy Ashmore – Ashcott
Jane Carter took a rather overweight, flabby somewhat lazy thirty (late thirty) something and changed me into a very toned, slimmer and motivated person. She did this through not only physical weight training but also through very sensible advice and help regards nutrition. The word diet was never mentioned and I still follow the grazing way of eating now and keeping the boiler stoked rather than letting it run down. I choose to do the weight training side as I prefer this to cardio work (although I still had to do a small element of this). Jane motivated me and talked to me in a way that encouraged and made me to actually WANT to do the work out. Results appeared very quickly and I really enjoyed the comments from friends and family. Being so much more toned and fitter gave me a new confidence to go out, the downside was that a new wardrobe had to follow!

I trust Jane completely with her advice and the main reason is that she has actually done all of this and got medals and cups to prove it. She is one of those rare people who has not just completed a course and then started teaching she actually had gone through it all. If my personal circumstance had not changed drastically I would still be with Jane now.
Errica Eade – Wedmore

I have had Jane for many years as my personal trainer. I have always found her to be friendly, very good at motivating you and finding the right exercise routine to suit you. she has a vast knowledge of weight training exercises for toning which will not make you resemble a ‘female bodybuilder’ but simply give you a toned physique. Combined with the aerobic exercises she will be able to turn you from a couch potato into a well honed & fit individual, making it fun at the same time.
Jackie Crockett – Embrough
I have known Jane for 10 years I first contacted jane to help me shape up as a type 1 diabetic it is vital to be in good health my sugar levels were also not great. 10 years on I can truly say Jane has been one of the biggest inspirations in my life, she’s professional, committed and has knowledge far beyond what can be learned from a book. After training with Jane I went on to train as a personal trainer, completed a science degree and I’m now a registered associate nutritionist & a post graduate trainee lecturer in sports science. I have also limited any health problems associated with type 1 diabetes, so thankyou Jane you helped me change my life. You may have been to the rest but until you meet Jane you haven’t met the best.
Ellie Appleby, Bsc(Hons) Human Nutrition
UKRNutr – Wells
I was a client of Jane’s for two years and have nothing but praise for her. At the start of my training I was very overweight and very unfit, and without the help of Jane things would still be the same. Over the two years Jane gave me advice on my diet and monitored it regularly. On the training side, she was always willing me on to go that little bit further and it paid off in leaps and bounds. Eventually I lost two stones in weight and was able to wear a lovely silk dress for my daughter’s wedding. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jane to anyone.
Sandra Millican – Wells